Wouldn’t you like to hang pictures on your wall, without nails, stickers, adhesive or holes?

MaxField Polymagnets® on the back of framed pictures and attach to walls prepared with magnetic primer. Watch our team member, Stephen, demonstrate.

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More About MaxField Polymagnets®

Magnetic Primer wall

MaxField Polymagnets Optimized for Magnetic Receptive Paint Primer

Magnetic paint primer is available at most hardware stores but has never worked well because regular magnets don’t stick well at all to it. But MaxField Polymagnets hold so well that two on a picture frame weighing several pounds attach effortlessly to a painted wall with no adhesives, no nail holes and no marks on the wall.

“Tell Me More About Magnetic Receptive Paint Primer”

It’s just regular primer with iron filings mixed in, and it’s easily available in hardware stores and on the web.

You can buy it as either pre-mixed primer or as an additive (iron filings) to any paint primer. Popular brands of magnetic primer include:

Pre-Mixed Magnetic Receptive Paint Primer

Rust-Oleum Magnetic Primer
Kling Magic Wall Magnetic Paint
MagnaMagic ActiveWall Magnetic Receptive Primer

Additive for Magnetic Receptive Paint Primer

Magically Magnetic Primer Additive


Tips for applying magnetic receptive paint primer

For additive, use about twice as much of the iron filings as recommended.

For pre-mixed primer, pour off part of the primer before stirring to increase its concentration.

Stir constantly between each dip of the roller or brush because the iron filings settle almost instantly. It should be like painting with sludge or wet cement.

It’s tough to get an even coat and is messy, but with some rolling and brushwork it evens out nicely. One or two very dense coats is likely enough.

To test, wait until the primer is dry and test with the largest picture frame you plan on hanging with two or more MaxField magnets attached on the back with double sided tape.

Remember that the top coat of paint will reduce the attachment strength of the magnets.


Tips for top coats of paint

The lower the gloss of the top coat the better as it exhibits better friction as it’s not as smooth as glossy. Egg shell is typically the lowest gloss paint available. Use one or two coats as the fewer the coats the better the MaxField magnets will stick.

MaxField magnets will be on sale soon. Share your email for early notification and you may receive $100 in MaxField Polymagnets!